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English Daily - Learn American idioms, English.

Learn English by conversation,common mistakes,exercises,slang. Joke of the Day. Lost purse: A lady lost her handbag. It was found by an honest little boy and returned to her. Explanation: If you can't help the way you feel or behave, you cannot control it or stop it from happening. You can also say that you can't help yourself. Sponsored Links English Conversation: TOEFL Vocabulary: English Conversation: English Grammar.

More than that; she looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. Anne: You can't blame her, she's done very well for herself. Conversation 01. Conversation 02. Conversation 03. Conversation 04. Conversation 05. Conversation 06. Conversation 07. Conversation 08. Conversation 09. Conversation 10. She's got a bee in her bonnet !!! Veronica: My mum's making life difficult for my dad at the moment. Julie: Why, what's she doing ? Veronica: She's got a bee in her bonnet about healthy eating after reading a diet book and she's trying to make him eat a more healthy diet. Explanation: Elevenses is a short break when you have a cup of tea or coffee, and sometimes biscuits, at around eleven o'clock in the morning.

Look it up !!! Michelle: We're now discussing the promotion plan on CB series. Everyone of us will get a new assignment today. Before we decide on how to market our products, I. English Conversation: TOEFL Vocabulary: English Conversation: English Grammar: American Idioms: English Comprehension: English Summary: English News: Business Idioms: Sponsored Links Something that stands out: We're in for: To die for: Sitting ducks: I lucked out: You're putting me on.

Reading comprehension, English comprehension.

English Conversation: TOEFL Vocabulary: English Conversation: English Grammar: American Idioms: English Comprehension: English Summary: English News: Business Idioms: Sponsored Links He has been told off before. Collaborate on good software. In mint. This item is sought-after !!! Renee: Besides, as you can see from this pie chart, our model PUR038 is very competitive on the market. If you'll refer to the figures in your handouts, you'll see that this item is very sought-after and there is a big market for it.

I heard you're expecting !!! Bob: Linda ! I heard you're expecting ! Congratulations ! Linda: Thank you, Bob. Bob: How far along are you ? Linda: Almost four months. Got to hand it to you !!! Passenger: I have this deep-seated fear of flying. Stewardess: That's not uncommon. Is this the first time you've flown. Keep you updated !!! Max: I have got in contact with the show management and received the application form for the fair participants. I'm going to send the application form over by today if possible. We talked on the phone !!! Lindsay: Did you receive any feedback from Kate about pricing and samples we sent last week ? Michelle: Yes, we just talked on the phone. English Conversation: TOEFL Vocabulary: English Conversation: English Grammar: American Idioms: English Comprehension: English Summary: English News: Business Idioms: Sponsored Links She's got a way with children: I'm of two minds. Single-sex schools: He's wavering on his commitment: Prep schools.

Explanation: The bottom line - The most important fact in a situation: Example: The bottom line is that we need another ten thousand dollars to complete the project. A security scare in the subway !!! Clint: The hotel is just around the next corner; it's just across the road from the subway station. See the work through !!! Renee: I'm proud of working with you and delighted to assist all of you in work. Michelle: Well, we are going to make a product presentation to Topcraft Co. A tight schedule !!! Rachel: Is Albert there ? I want to talk to him. I need to know if the brochures will be ready on Friday. Simon: Hold on, please.

I'm nobody's fool !!! Emma: Where can we get some more water ? Ricky: There's a pump down the road. Take the container hooked on the back of the truck with you. Explanation: Get one's fingers crossed - to hope very much that something will happen: Example: I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope it works. I am just a workaholic !!! Stanley: Hey, Cesar, we are going to hold a party in our company tonight. Would you like to join us ? Cesar: Oh, really. It's no bother at all !!! Kathy: I'm calling to inform you that I'm resigning at the end of this month. Rachel: Really ? What a surprise. Kathy: I know. In fact, the total size ofmain page is 180.7 kB. This result falls beyond the top 1M of websites and identifies a large and not optimized web page that may take ages to load. 35% of websites need less resources to load.

Go cold turkey !!! Steve: No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to quit smoking. I've tried nicotine patches and gum, but I've never been able to cut down on my smoking for some reason. What is Eva up to ? Alicia: What is Eva up to these days ? Nikki: Oh, she's having the time of her life ! Alicia: Is she still working as an extra in Hollywood. Explanation: Hybrid - Refers to a myriad of products that combine two or more different technologies. The term more often than not refers to hardware, rather than software. Forest fires are terrifying and most of the time, destructive. A tiny mishap could trigger a huge fire. Such fires kill trees and other plants, even burning roots underground.

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